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Night Before Christmas

It's Christmas Eve! It is, perhaps, one of the most important days in the festive calendar - there's anticipation about the big day next day, and a sense of revelry about it that makes every moment memorable.  I'm sure if we try hard, we'll be able to remember each and every Christmas Eve that we've been through in our lives. Alright, maybe not all but certainly won't be hard to remember most Christmas Eves. I guess, it is also because every year marks a new transition in our life journey - every year adding a new layer to our life experience and shaping us into the person we end up becoming. These transitions seem more obvious during our childhood years because every year brings with it physiological, psychological and emotional changes. Then, of course, there is always the excitement and drama that goes with every Christmas celebration. Every year we experience it differently as we get older and hopefully wiser.  It's not just about Santa being a big thing

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