A memory of sunset

Sunsets will always remind me of Aai.

It will be one year today since she left us after being in hospital for over 45 days.  We would meet her in the evenings, and could see the sunset from her window. 

A few weeks later I was in New England and saw this sunset and it was so beautiful that I stood there mesmerised by its beauty. I remembered the sunsets from my mother’s window and how they seemed so much part of our daily life then, and now just a memory. This sunset, on the other hand,  made me think of heaven and how it might be glorious beyond compare. 

It made me wonder perhaps at that very moment as I was admiring this sunset on Chapin Beach, my mother might be experiencing something even more glorious and magnificent... the throne room of God Almighty perhaps. 

Sunsets have that effect and in their own way open our eyes to the beauty of God’s creation and helping us catch a glimpse of his signature in the sky. But most crucially, they teach us that what we see as sunset is actually the dawn of a new day, a new beginning, a new life elsewhere.

Until we meet again, Aai... enjoy heaven!


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