Christmas Day

So I finally made it to the end of my Christmas countdown. I wasn't sure that I'd be able to make it so far because of all the other work and non-work related deadlines that were jostling for my attention. 

Anyway, I feel somewhat good that I managed to wrap it up by D-Day. Now this makes me think that maybe in the coming year I should be more regular with my blogging instead of resolving to do so and only managing to post stuff during the Christmas period.

Christmas is here and though it is different this year unlike the many Christmas-es we have been through, it is also a time to reflect on what really matters.

More to the point, we need to take a pause and be thankful for what we have instead of feeling disappointed for what we have lost.

This is why am sharing this song that has been my favourite every year as it brings to light what is precious about the festive season - love, togetherness and a sense of fellowship.

This year, we may not be able to meet in person but that doesn't mean communication has stopped or that interaction with one another has become a major hurdle. Virtual communication platforms may not be the same as meeting someone face to face but they do allow us to meet across geographical boundaries... and besides we don't have to dress up or search for parking just to meet someone.

In some ways, our lives may not be as tragic as that of the soldiers who fought in the trenches, and we may never suffer a day like they have - and hope we never do. However, they faced isolation and disconnect from all that they loved and cherished.. and for them the festive season was a bittersweet reminder of pleasant days at home with loved ones.

The COVID has isolated many of us, and we are no longer in touch the way we used to be, and so if this pandemic has managed to give us a sense of empathy to these soldiers and others like them... maybe we may have just clutched the true meaning of Christmas.

I just realised I did not post this on Christmas Day even though I had finished writing it. 


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