Weird Tag

In all my years of blogging (which is not that long anyway but it's great to begin a paragraph this way), I've never been tagged by anyone before, and neither have I tried tagging any unsuspecting soul. But then, it finally happened and the person responsible was none other than Manju, my good friend and fellow batchmate from Indian School Bahrain. She was doing science while I was in the Commerce section, and it was in 1984 that we said goodbye to school-life. It was partly her initiative that brought the old gang together she and Jayant, her classmate in the science section, created a YahooGroup for our batch and we all began to re-connect once again. All of us scattered all over the world, and yet united by memories of wonderful times shared in school.

Coming back to the tag, for some strange reason, Manju, wants me to list six of the weirdest things about me. I find this a very difficult exercise because I'm sure there are more than six weird things, and am positive my friends can come up with many more.

Anyway, Manju, just for you, here are the six of the weirdest things (not in any particular order, ok)

1. If I'm drinking Pepsi, I like to use a red straw and if I'm drinking Coke I prefer a blue straw because I like a little bit of colour co-ordination.

2. I enjoy crushing dead leaves and enjoy the crunchy sound that follows.

3. Sometimes I like to mute the audio while watching news on television and play western classical music on the radio or wherever. Effect is usually cinematic.

4. I love to check all the free-to-air channels one by one... usually when I'm alone, obviously.

5. I don't throw plastic bags for environmental reasons, but have no clue what to do with them now that I've collected stacks of 'em.

6. And finally, as some friends would agree I tend to over-do certain things... won't elaborate more, but that will do on a public forum like this one ;)

There you go. Those are my Top Six (and not in any particular order), and yes, there are a lot more but I just don't remember them at the moment. And so, I guess, they aren't important enough... or weird enough.


Anonymous said…
Red straw, blue straw....I like that one :-) And what if they don't have the right colour straw?
Ashish Gorde said…
Let's not even go there, shall we? :)

Oh well, in that case, I find another that's closest color co-ordination wise :)))
Manju Nair said…
Ashish I have read many weird tag blogs, but none from a true weirdo!! They all may stake claim to little traces of it....but pale in comparison to the! Colour co-ordinated straws? and all the rest...truly one of a kind!

Thank you for playing along..I have been looking for this for days but didn't find - is that how long it takes for 360 to respond to a feed?
Cheers Manju
Anonymous said…
So you haven't been tagged that much eh Ashish. Well well well.. I'm making a mental note of that! So some time, some day, some where (err. well on 360 anyway) when you least expect it......

Ashish Gorde said…
Ladies, I am touched :)

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