Recipe for chicken

I know it's ages since I posted a recipe here, I thought, why not do an encore. I'm sure the recipe might work for fish but I havent tried it and if you do, please give me all the gory details. Anyway, here's my mouthwatering recipe for chicken -- even if it's just me saying so, but hey, someone's gotta say it and it better be me.

First things first, get some chicken drumsticks... defrost them after you've pulled them out of the freezer and remove the skin. I haven't tried it with the skin on and so no idea if it'll taste just as good or better. And yes, don't forget to seriously poke those drumsticks with your fork or gash them with your knife.

Get a bottle of mayonnaise.

Get some parmesan cheese... or mozarella or any other that melts mmmmmm-ingly.

Get some bread crumbs.

Get some salt and ginger paste... not together, but separately.

Now all you have to do is, rub the salt and ginger paste all over the chicken drumsticks and after that...get the mayonnaise out of the bottle and do the same to the chickens.

After the chickens appear dipped with mayonnaise, cover the chicken with bread-crumbs and parmesan cheese. Make sure the cheese gets the final topping.

Get a baking tray, cover it with aluminium foil and spread some oil lightly on its surface.

Now heat your oven to 220, and when it's really hot, place the baking tray in and wait for 20 minutes. Open the oven... using a glove... and take a peek. If it looks sufficiently brown and the cheese appears to have melted, then, you need to arrange the table and get ready for some mouthwatering chicken fry.


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