Billy Joel's Piano Man

It must have been a real long time since I last heard Billy Joel's Piano Man, but it is one song that I really really like a lot. Don't know what it is that I like about the song - the haunting melody or the soulful lyrics or Billy Joel's voice, but it's a song that never fails to captivate.

I don't know why I remembered the song this morning and it was playing in my mind over and over again and it came to a point when I felt that I HAD to listen to it. And of course, good ole YouTube came to the rescue, this timeless classic was up on my screen at the press of a button.

And since this is my first post for the new year, I thought, why not share the music with all of you... !!!

By the way, in case, some of you are wondering what Billy Joel is upto, well, the news is not very good. According to an AP report filed today, he has checked into an undisclosed rehabilitation center "for treatment of alcohol abuse."


* said…
oh that was a nice surprise, this song here - have it on repeat. found you via jyo.
Ashish Gorde said…
Thanks for visiting, and yes, I agree it's a great song... had it on repeat when I came across it on YouTube, and finally decided that I must blog it so can have permanent access to the song.... by the way, you have an interesting blog.
* said…
thanks ashish - you have a nice blog, too, and I just came back again for Billy Joel :)
Anonymous said…
Piano Man is definitely one of those timeless classics. This was a treat!

Joel Indrupati said…
Wow. That was one wonderful piece to listen to. Sad about his state of alcoholism and his checking into a rehab for it. But songwise, its amazing.
Ashish Gorde said…
Good to see you here, Joel.

Yes, you're right... it's a great song but a sad life... wonder why some of these artists feel the need to abuse themselves? But don't we know the answer to that?

Visited your blog, but couldn't comment on any of your posts and then discovered you had disabled the comment option.

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