Raindrops were falling... yada yada yada

I just did something that I wanted to do for a long, long time.

I picked the armchair that was lying in the store-room, and took it to the garden and decided to sit out there. Of course, hot cocoa and the weekend edition of Gulf News gave me company as I braved the cold and cloudy weather. And as bravery limits go, I'm sad to say, mine lasted a full fifteen minutes. The first five minutes were spent on enjoying the experience, the next five minutes were spent on figuring out the stupidity of this plan, and the final five minutes were spent on abandoning this reckless exercise.

Now those of you who are not in Bahrain (and the Gulf) may not understand what I'm talking about, and so let me explain. For the past two days, we've been having cloudy skies and rainy weather, and to top it all, the mercury is going south. Yes, it's cold this year. Perhaps 8 degrees Celsius (or 46 Farenheit) may not mean much to those of you living in North America and Europe but here in tiny Bahrain it's cold enough to keep us all homeward bound. I'm not much of a Met guru but, I think, the rain and a bit of shamal (north wind) have added to the chill factor, but don't quote me on this.

I'm so thankful that its been raining during the National Day weekend, and not during the week. Of course, it's a pity that much of the National Day festivities and fireworks had to be postponed because of the rain and cold, but hey, on the bright side, at least, we don't have to go to work all wet and shivering in the cold. It's just great to lie in bed and watch the cloudy skies from the window and not have to rush through the early morning bathroom dance.

My only regret is that I don't feel like stepping out of the house at all... and that means, no new DVDs to watch but just the telly and the net... might go to the NEC tonight though and listen to the Grace Notes performing tonight. But let's see... there's still time to decide.


Anonymous said…
ehehhe .. you know I always had the temptation to do the same, now that I know it didn't last more than 15 minutes I am not interested :)

Moreover, I don't want to fall sick for 15 minutes enjoyment.
Ashish Gorde said…
But hey it's all worth it... as long as you don't sit beyond 15 minutes... :-))
Anonymous said…
Your little armchair adventure is as brave as something the members of the Polar Bear Club would essay! good for the soul as they say! Hope it's warmer now. A slight nip in the air in NYC now...but very slight and unseasonably warm.


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