STAND UP against poverty

I am usually a little sceptical about any campaign against poverty, famine and injustice that are turned into global media events. I like the idea, though. It's a very noble gesture to do something like this and create a storm, as it were. However, my cynical side tends to ponder over the success rate of such ventures: does it really make a difference? Does anyone bother to do anything about poverty after bombarded with these messages? Will the world change a little bit because of this effort?

I'm sure the answers would be open to debate, and there's no denying that, often times, the results are rarely what one craves to see.

But I do feel that such campaigns are a step in the right direction. If the economics of any media empire are sustained by campaigns to promote unabashed consumerism, then, why not use the same vehicle to promote a much more uplifting message?

Millions and billions are spent to change drinking habits, to introduce new fashion statements and technology to make life easier, and all this is fine because it helps bring down prices of a lot of thingsAnd that's why we need a similar campaign against poverty as well because, well, poverty is not 'happening'.


Anonymous said…
Oh my god! i remember why i adore this template .. it reminds me of louis vuitton stuff.. admitted a little bit of an odd comment when ur campaigning for india and poverty and stuff.... but its so true..
Ashish Gorde said…
Well as long as one doesn't lose one's sensitivity and one's caring side, there is no harm, I think, in admiring Louis Vitton stuff. :-)))
It at least leaves the viewer a lttle guilty and a lttle more aware of what is to be done. more sensitized

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