Sunday morning blues

It's quite likely that very few people in Bahrain or the UAE will be singing "Sunday morning, happy a day" from today onwards. The reasons are due to a law passed by the ministerial cabinet in both Bahrain and UAE to change the weekend from Thursday-Friday to Friday-Saturday.

In essence it means that Saturday, which occupied the distinction of being the most hated day in the week, will now pass that honour to Sunday. Those in the outside world, that is, anyone outside the Middle East will find it quite puzzling to see Sunday land in the same boat as Monday, but this is something we will be getting used to as well.

On the other hand, we've been so used to Thursday-Friday being our weekend that, it's likely that it'll take sometime for us to make a clean break and start accepting the new scheme of things. So till then, we'll continue thinking of Thursday as a rest day and Wednesday as the precursor to that much loved rest day, and as a result, there are less chances of large scale crankiness in the office because everyone would be more relaxed. Obviouslly, I'm being horribly idealistic because human nature usually finds a way to express its cranky side. But I shall remain hopeful, and till then, we'll have to sing the Sunday morning blues in unison.


Ross Madgwick said…

I work in Pune, India, in a company where we only get one day a week off. This was Sunday until a few months ago when, for power management considerations, this was changed to Thursday. I'm not sure it alleviates the crankiness on Monday but I still get that Sunday feeling on, er, Sunday. I am sure that, although this now sits in the middle of our week, it is the most relaxed working day. It is almost pleasant.

I wish you all the best with your new arrangements.
How can you have Sunday morningBlues.. it is distressing....

then maybe Sunday evening will not be that dull period of wait for an unhappy Monday.....
Ashish Gorde said…
Bushman, you just confirmed one of my pet theories - weekend is all in the mind, but yeah, a day off helps a great deal as well... am positive that Thursdays are going to be much more relaxed but only time will tell. By the way, you got some great pictures on your blog.

Alankrita, sad to say but life's like that... if it ain't Monday that's gonna sing the blues, then, it's gonna be Sunday. :-)))

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