Lump-in-the-Throat List

Goodbye, Mr Chips... especially the scene when he is promoted as school headmaster and his students congratulate him without knowing that he had just received news that his wife has died. I have seen both versions of the movie - the old Robert Donat and the Peter O'Toole musical version, and both films are able to give that 'lumpy' feeling in THAT scene.

David Copperfield... especially that scene when his stepfather beats him up, and the other scene when his mother dies.

The Passion of the Christ
... the torture and crucifixon scence always give me the goosebumps and lumps in full force.

Charlie Chaplin's The Kid
... don't know which part of the movie should be highlighted as ultra lumpy because the entire movie is one long kleenex moment. But hey, I love it all the same because Chaplin has shown tremendous talent in making us lauugh and cry at the same time.

... yes, it's Chaplin again, but it's hard not to feel lumpy when the blind girl recovers her sight and does not recognise the Tramp as her real benefactor.

Anand... the scene where Rajesh Khanna's character has just died and his recorded voice is heard reciting a poem or something.

Love Story... hate to admit this but this movie has to be there in my lump list because of the effect of the soundtrack and the performances by Ali MacGraw, Ray Milland and, ok, Ryan O'Neil.

Schindler's List
... most of the holocaust based movies make me go all lumpy but this movie certainly comes on the top of that list.


John Wallen said…
Captains Courageous with Spencer Tracy, Wuthering Heights with Merle Oberon, All Quiet on the Western Front with Lew Ayres.

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