Global plug

I received a surprise call the other day.

Mahmood Al-Yousif, the man behind Mahmood’s  Den, one of Bahrain’s most popular and most widely read and commented blogs, informed me that he stumbled upon my blog –  that is, the one you are reading right now – and decided to add a link to it on his site.

He, also, added that he has mentioned my blog in his weekly column for Global Voices, a US based international web-journal that -- to quote its mission statement – ‘is an international effort to diversify the conversation taking place online by involving speakers from around the world, and developing tools, institutions and relationships to help make these voices heard’.  

This is good news and bad news.

Good because it means this blog will have wider readership and make my writing and opinions accessible to a much wider audience. And bad because… I can no longer afford to be lazy and keep procrastinating all the time.

And finally, thanks Mahmood, for giving my blog the global plug!!!


Anonymous said…
Thanks Ashish... but you got the name wrong; it should be Mahmood Al-Yousif rather than Hassan. :)
Ashish Gorde said…
Oooops... sorry for that, Mahmood, I'll fix it right now.
Hi Ashish!

Welcome to the bahrain blogosphere & love to see your blog postings coming out :)

You're a Caferati blogger with Peter Griffin! How come you aren't at CSF (ChiensSansFrontieres) any more?

Ashish Gorde said…
Yes, Angelo, I'm part of Caferati and need to get back at CSF. But there's nothing there on the blog?

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