Once more, I blog

Sometimes I wonder what Descartes would have said about the blogging experience. "I blog, therefore I am?" Maybe he wouldnt have said anything at all or, perhaps, it would have confused him even more. The whole idea of virtual reality of which blogging is just a tiny component would have baffled him completely and, probably, pushed him towards developing new ideas to probe his own existence and to explain who and what he is.

I am fairly new to this blogging thing and, so far, I havent shown any indication of being a persistent one. It requires discipline to jot down one's thoughts daily and put them in multiple paragraphs. One has to move from that diary-journal mindset and think in terms of writing articles and opinion pieces and what have you. The world may not change after what we write in our blog but... at least, we've had our say and said our piece. And that's the bottom line.

I hope to be more regular with these blogs so that I can say what I want to say and never have to worry of having not said it at all. Long tongue twister there, I know.

Anyway, whoever you are reading this piece, friend or stranger, close chum or enemy, thank you for visiting this site and do come back again. And most importantly, leave your comments behind so that I can get to know you better and know whetehr or not we sing from the same book.

And yes, on my part, I'll be more regular and contribute regularly to the blog. So keep looking.


Hey, you are right. We should blog more often. I am new to blogging. And do not know the rules to well. But I can and gonna learn the ropes!!

And I am your friend!!!

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