How to be a nuisance

While on the subject of growing old and not getting any younger, let me add a few parting words before I draw the curtains on the topic and not discuss it for a long, long time.

I feel I have to say this and get it off my chest because it is an observation that I’ve made and it annoys me no end.

When we are young and are bursting with ideas and show potential for talent, we are encouraged by all the ‘grown-ups’ around us and are constantly urged to reach our full potential. Some of these same ‘grown-ups’ even attempt to ‘mentor’ us just to show how supportive they are towards us.

But the moment we cross the rubicon, meaning, ‘youthful years’, then, things begin to change especially if we are still bursting with new and innovative ideas. If we were admired for our ideas when we were younger, then, in the same token when we become adults, we are seen as a nuisance.

We suddenly lose our perch and the insecurities of these petty people suddenly turn us into a ‘pain in the butt’, ‘idealistic’, ‘non-realistic’, ‘uncontrollable’, what have you.

Suddenly we cease to be the object of admiration but are seen as an ‘obstacle’ for any worthwhile progress mainly because we see a different way of solving an issue and still prefer not sticking to the tried and tested.

Of course I’ve given the worst-case-scenario over here.

One way of avoiding this outcome is a fairly simple solution and one greatly admired by the petty grown-ups. Continue having these wild innovative ideas and continue making the petty grown-ups feel they are the most important beings in the universe. Give them the ego massage they crave and do your work.

However, this is easier said than done because the moment one develops ‘ideas’ and embarks on developing an individual mindset, you are bound to upset a lot of people. Petty people are the first ones who will oppose and disagree with you. And because of this one has to accept the fact that one can never please all people at all times and that becoming a nuisance and spoilsport might be our lot.

After all, who said growing up was easy?


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