First steps

This is my first ever blog. I am a newbie as far as blogland is concerned. I could, very well, wear a look of naive ignorance to assert my newcomer status in this fascinating blog world. But I'll try and avoid that route because it won't be the right thing to do, I suppose. There is something about human nature that abhors any display of ignorance. It must be the 'survival of the fittest' struggle that Darwin talked about. Or maybe it's just another fresh faced attempt to avoid a red face. Just a digression here, but don't you think it's always great to quote a 'renowned' thinker just to cover one's mis-steps?

But whatever be the motivation, here I am in this blogland and now that I am here I have to make the best of what I have.

It's not that I am new to the concept. I have heard of it so many times and I have read so many blogs. But I just didnt have the heart to set up my own blog. I wanted to and dreamed of so many things that I could include in my blog. But I didnt do any of those. I just postponed for reasons that are more to do with laziness, a busy life, a need to rest, whatever. None of these reasons sound highly promising and neither do they suggest makings of a great writer.

Now this raises a very important question about what makes a great/ good writer? Is it the constant clicking of keyboards and churning of words and ideas? Is it the round-the-clock generation of fresh ideas? Or is it something else altogether...?

I feel any writing has to come from life and from experiences (either vicarious or real) because it would only bring spontaneity to the writing process and a deliberate freshness that would make it real. I do believe that a struggle and an effort is required in developing the 'craft' but when one is passionate about it, the process does not and should not seem like an 'effort'. it would be a joy and a delight to find the right words and phrases to create that great sentence.

Now what does this have to do with my blog?

Well, everything. I intend to use this blog space to express some of my ideas, opinions, pet resentments and pet passions... and I will also share some of my views on writing and ideating. At least, that's the plan. I might just end up talking about cooking or travelling, you never know. But time and blogspace will tell.


Pragya said…
Great start Ashish! Talk about writing styles! You definitely have one that is immensely enjoyable. Hope to see more here in this space.


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