Blogless October

October was a slow month. Or to be precise, a no-show month. Or to be really, really precise: a dry month as far as blog entries from yours truly were concerned.

It's not as if there was nothing to write, in fact, there was much to scribble about. Much to rant and rave, and complain about as well as much to be happy about. But there is such a thing as 'needing a break', and that's what I thought I required to do.

Besides, there were other factors, too, that made me re-think and question the raison d'etre of having a blog in the first place. I won't bore you into any details about the thought processes that went into the re-thinking, but let me just cut to the chase and say, yes, I will continue to blog.

A writer needs to write, and a blog offers a unique platform to share ideas, opinions, news and even information. And to ignore such an opportunity would be quite a foolish move. Besides, with the abundance of various information channels everywhere especially ones controlled either by the government or corporate bigwigs, it makes it even more necessary that 'independent' voices continue to raise their point of view through blogs.

I'm contemplating a complete revamp of this blog, and I don't want to say in what way because that might be a little foolhardy. But yes, the bottomline is that the blog will continue and will get a new look, content-wise.

So watch this space.


I know the feeling. Not that write as giood as you but somehow my words too dried up for a while.

Look forward to your revamped blog, Ash!

as good as you
Ashish Gorde said…
I dont think the words dried up, but just that didnt know what to write and what to omit.
Hopefully it will be better than the "Memory" :D:D:D
or is that the new name?

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