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Fellowship of Sighs

It's the eyes that reach out at first. A brief glance that stays on a little longer followed by a nod. It's a glance that wants to say something more but at that singular moment words seem useless and unnecessary, and thus, there's a sigh that seems to last forever followed by a hand raised upward as if in prayer.

Allah Karim

The word literally means, God is most generous and that remembering Him draws out wonder, praise, thanks and joy. Here where we are, it also means a cry for help, a cry of helplessness, a cry of complete surrender to God's kindness and generosity in turning the situation around. Perhaps in ways that will demonstrate God's mercy in hearing our prayer for healing our loved ones and restoring them to good health.

Allah Karim

We all say it as if by impulse but never as a second thought. We want to mean it and believe in it and see for ourselves that the health of our loved one is not determined by what the monitor says but by a greater hand whose p…

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