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The Etymology of Touch

There is something sweet about a touch. It gives us pleasure. It comforts us. It soothes us. It warms us. And then, it connects us with the other person either in a tender embrace, a firm handshake or a gentle caress.

As tactile beings we long for it, and shudder at the very thought of living our entire lives 'chronically untouched.' Right from the time we are babies to our childhood years, we have been hardwired to appreciate and accept touch as something very natural -- even essential.

Babies instinctively reach out, children like to be held close, teenage boys shrug but meekly accept a hug, and the grown ups may not always admit to their need but when faced with an emotionally vulnerable moment a touch is the only language that can be understood... that can fully explain everything without any words being said.

A touch has that power, has that magic, and that sense of letting the other person know, it's ok.

But then again, not all touches are the same.... sometimes the …

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