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Oh Christmas Day!

So it’s Christmas Day finally and it feels strange to wake up at my family home and not having to greet my parents. This has been my habit and practise for as long as I remember that not being able to do so this years feels odd. There have been times when I was not home for Christmas but there was always that mandatory phone call or Christmas card or goodies sent across but this year all I have are memories.

Yes, there is something bittersweet about having to celebrate Christ’s birth so soon after the passing of my dad at the end of November.  Somehow one feels that it’s bad timing or that it’s unfair or that it’s just an awful thing to happen but as am learning the hard way that such emotions are natural and expected when one is dealing with the loss of ones parents.

However, the Bible also talks about ‘being thankful at all times’ and as one explores that thought one realises ‘at all times’ means just that... at all times. Good times and bad times. Joyful moments and sad. Celebrati…

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