UN Resolution

So the UN has finally spoken and has asked both Israel and Hizbollah to stop this madness once and for all. It was amusing to see both US and France making these big statements that they have accomplished something, and that we must raise loud cheers on their behalf. Ofcourse, it was no simple task because they had to produce a statement to demonstrate their concern at the loss of lives.

Alright. I'm being mean once again.

Actually, it was great on their part to actually say something and come up with a concrete proposal of some kind. Somebody had to it because the silence was getting on everyone's nerves. The UN Resolution that they have jointly authored may not be THE answer, but it just could be part of the solution. However, I still have a problem with it because it's just US and France coming up with the draft, and the Security Council giving its unanimous okay. That's all fine, but it still makes one ask: why can't the warring parties be involved in this draft resolution? Isn't it possible that the resolution will lack teeth because neither Israel nor the Hizbollah are involved in it?

You might say I'm over-reacting because Daniel Ayalon, Israel's ambassador to the United States has already stated that the Israeli Security Cabinet was likely to sign off on the resolution at its Sunday meeting. And on the other end of the spectrum, Hassan Nazrallah, the Hizbollah chief said that his organisation will agree to the UN call for a ceasefire.

Now these two statements should make us all feel a little relaxed and sleep easy at night, but, somehow, it is not possible to do so. While the above statements are encouraging, we do hear other news that makes any prospects for peace rather doubtful. The Israeli cabinet's plan to push deeper into Lebanon and increase the ground offensive suggests that the cycle of violence and revenge will continue.

More killings on the way, more buildings destroyed, more revenge seeking mob on a rampage... weather forecast looks rather grim.


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