Ferry Coverage

For a more comprehensive coverage of the ferry disaster, do check the truly marvelous work Angelo Embuldeniya has been doing here. You will find updates from the first news that came in to the more recent.

I will be collaborating with Angelo in providing some more news and comments as and when I hear something new.

Today's Gulf Daily Newspoints out that the 'captain' of the dhow was not licensed and that he is now arresed. It is obvious that he'll take the lion's share of the blame and, rightfully so, because a captain (licensed or not) should have the final say in matters relating to the ship. But some questions need to be answered. Who authorised a sailor to act as 'captain'? Who gave him the right to take this role? Were the management of the touring company aware that unqualified people were acting as 'captains'?

Questions. Questions. Questions.


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