Eid Al Fis'ah Mubarak

Among the many different terms used to describe "easter", none appeals to me so much as what the Arabs use when they greet each other to celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection.

"Eid Al Fis'ah", as a friend explained to me the other day, means "festival of forgiveness" and, I think, it correctly expresses the reason behind His resurrection and a gentle reminder as to how we ought to live, in a forgiving gentle spirit that's ever merciful, ever kind and ever loving.

We are living in an increasingly unforgiving, ruthless, bigoted world and that makes His message that much more relevant and necessary. Let us pray that we will remain true to our calling and remain faithful witnesses of His love to our broken hearted
world, and shining examples of His mercy to a world that's crying for redemption.

So to you all, my friends who are celebrating Christ's resurrection, may this "festival of forgiveness" be a blessing and may you continually enjoy the presence of His Immanuelness wherever you go and wherever you are.


junoesque said…
what a lovely bit of information you have shared with us.

thank you.

ps - shouldnt it be
"Immaculateness" ?
Ashish Gorde said…
No it isn't "Immaculateness"... Immanuel is the other name for Jesus and it means, "God with us".

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