Power games

Power does strange things to some people. A meek lamb suddenly turns into a fierce dragon. The backroom boy elevated to a managerial role quickly acquires despotic traits. The genial assistant pushed up the corporate ladder slowly begins to show traces of arrogance and conceit. Sometimes it happens in a matter of days, and at other times, it is a gradual slide. It shouldn't happen this way but it does.

One is, often, left wonderstruck at the way power morphs people's personalities beyond recognition. It seems as if some internal button is suddenly switched on and the attitude changes along with the position. Most often, the question that lingers in most people's mind is, "Can this be the same person who was such a sweetheart not too long ago?"

Sadly, it is the same person. The only change is the inability of that person to handle the trappings of the position. Insecurity is, most often, the prime culprit behind displays of arrogance because after being thrusted to the ionosphere the person is unable to fathom the possibility of gravity. Hence, he or she would do anything to maintain this comfortable perch upon the peak. Even if involves defying logic and common sense.

It might seem that I am making a fat assumption here because, obviously, there are many people in powerful positions who do not behave in this fashion. That's true. But we are talking about insecure, unqualified and immature people pushed up the ladder. It only takes a rare soul to recognise his or her limitations, work alongside one's subordinates, capitalise on available strengths and be aggressively focused towards a vision. It's a rare soul who does that. And it would do most corporates a lot of good if they keep a sharp eye on the lookout for such rare souls.

Or am I simply making assumptions?


~Nitoo Das~ said…
"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

You aren't making assumptions at all.
Anonymous said…
No assumption made... rare indeed, are such souls, but not extinct which is cause for celebration, albeit a subdued one :)
Ashish Gorde said…
That's the trouble. They are so rare that one should be lucky to spot them in a crowd. But the fact that they are out there somewhere is reason to celebrate, I guess.
I have met too many people exactly like that....

They are kind of normal but as soon as they end up with some kind of power, it has an adverse effect. I think they are unable to handle it.

I do not think you are making any assumptions there, Ash!
Jo said…
Assumptions, heck no you're telling it like it is pal! And if we can be ourselves as is with the right people...I think the insecurity can be brought down a notch, what say?
Ashish Gorde said…
Most people find it hard to be themselves, and it gets really worse when they are promoted to a senior position and haven't dealt with their insecurities. By the way, the examples given above were based on some people I know. :-(((

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