Chinese fried rice

I’ve just developed a very keen interest in cooking, and that means, I will be posting a lot of recipes now and then. I’ll try and post pictures as well but that’s not going to be a guarantee always. Maybe I could post videos of the cooking process and thereby experiment with ‘video blogging’ (or vblogging, as it is called).

Last week I prepared an authentic “Chinese fried rice” and I say ‘authentic’ because it tasted almost like the fried rice I ate in some restaurants in Hong Kong. Most of the Chinese restaurants the world over try to localise their cuisine and, hence, the “Chinese fried rice”, too, ends up in this makeover. Of course, the food served in Hong Kong is “Cantonese,” which is a lot blander than the somewhat spicier Mandarin or Schezwan cuisine.

Anyway, this just goes to show that Chinese food is not a monolithic entity as people assume it to be but as different ‘types’ like what we have in Indian food, western food and even American. But more on all this, some other time.

Coming back to my Chinese fried rice, here is it…

All you need is a wok, a frying pan, some leftover rice, egg, and an assortment of mixed vegetables, capsicum, shredded chicken, prawns, bacon or whatever. By the way, it has to be leftover rice and not freshly cooked.

Heat the wok and do NOT add oil, just let it heat. While the wok is being heated, fry the assortments in a frying pan and leave aside.

When you realise the wok is really, really hot, then, pour the leftover rice into the wok and add egg to the rice. Mix the egg with the rice very well and then add the fried assortments to it. Keep mixing it till you are somewhat satisfied with the result.

Don’t worry if it looks bland and so unlike all the Chinese fried rice you’ve tasted in many restaurants because this is the real McCoy or, the real Chang!!!

Add chilli or soya sauce to the rice or you can eat it sauce-less. But do try it out and tell me what you think.


Anonymous said…
Hey Ashish,not bad for a home cooked meal, but not authentic. Not to sound like an ass, but it's what I do for a living. I'll send you my e-mail if you have any food related questions.
Ashish Gorde said…
Oh no problem at all... am fairly new to this game and so I do have lots of questions and would love to share food related questions and recipes. The only reason I called it 'authentic' was because what I cooked tasted a bit like the ones I ate in Hong Kong. :-)))

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