The Banana Seller

There are stories I haven't shared, tales of conquests that no one knows or even cares, songs of valour that need to be sung or set to an ancient melody but there is no one here who will do that, and neither are there any congregation of awestruck admirers eager to listen to what I have to say. Or even to stop and wait to hear about the deeds of my past glory. They simply pass me by and continue with their errand pausing only occasionally - and very rarely - to look at my wares.

If they only took time to sit and talk with me, they'll know that I have so much to offer. Not just these bananas that I sell to earn a livelihood. But stories that can take them back to the days of noble knights, beautiful princesses and evil viziers.

But I have sat here for so many years now and have watched these people pass me by. They seem to be very busy and have no time for anyone. They say they have jobs to attend, money to make, goals to accomplish and dreams to realise. Why would they, then, pay attention to an old banana seller? What do they think I have that I can give them except for these bananas?

If only they knew that I was a young man once -- youthful, virile and having the strength of ten men. Yes, those were the days but who would believe if I tell them that I killed a lion and a bear with my bare hands once. And that I slew a dozen or more marauders who sought to raid my village. People actually whispered with awe in my presence and women fought for my attention and I loved basking in all this adulation.

Alas, now those days are gone and all I have are memories -- giving me company like a friend would. And for an old man like me

I must close my eyes now and try and remember all that happened long time ago. I must not forget what I was because if I do, then, I'll lose my sense of purpose and destiny. I have to remember those long ago days again. They will not change the misery of the present but they might just help alter my perceptions. And, hopefully, make me forget the pain of today.

If only that were possible...


Blue Athena said…
Liked reading this Ashish!

Yes, one must never forget that one day frailty would set make the most of what we have today.
Ashish Gorde said…
Thank you very much. We cannot ignore future frailty but somehow most of us do and that's the trouble.
Manasi said…
Its fascinating how pieces like this can change others perceptions.
It has changed mine for sure.
well done! Simple and fabulous.

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