To be a man :)

What makes a true man?

Some would say ‘strength of character’, others would talk about ‘the ability to be decisive’ while still others might quote that old proverb, ‘clothing maketh a man’.

Well, if you ask me, I think, they’ve got it all mixed up. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not discounting any of the above-mentioned points. There is a time and place for each of them and, yes, they do contribute in some ways in making a man. But they don’t clinch the deal, if you know what I mean.

What really lies at the heart of making a man a man or, in other words, the stuff that separates the men from the boys is… a razor.

Now you might ask how on earth did I arrive at such a conclusion? What’s a silly razor got to do with something as earthshakingly significant as being a man?

Well, everything.

A razor comes into a man’s life at that crucial period when he ceases to be a child. A razor shaves off the rough edges and in the process prevents him from looking like a caveman. In other words, a razor helps a man to cut a fine figure and bring a touch of finesse to his sense of grooming and personal style.

Now you may ask – and you’d be justified in asking – is the importance of a razor related only to the externals? And if so, aren’t we focusing too much on style and less on substance? Would this be downplaying a whole range of character issues that are central to being a man?

Not at all.

It all depends upon that simple little word called purpose. The purpose behind using a razor is all that matters. If this purpose stems from a desire to enhance character related issues and bring together style and substance, then, it makes perfect sense. Then, the razor actually becomes a tool to make a man a man.

To understand what I am trying to say, consider for a moment, a lighter. There are many who will tell you that the only purpose for a lighter is to be a tool for smoking cigarettes. But those with a keener insight will recognise that a lighter can also enlighten one’s path and be a handy substitute to a matchbox.

And so just like a razor, a lighter, too, has its usefulness only when its purpose is spelt out as clearly as possible. And we all know that one of the most essential prerequisites for a true man is to have clarity of purpose for one’s life. A decisive and purposeful man dispels the fog of uncertainty and confusion and becomes what he was born to be – a man.

This is a simple lesson we learn from a razor and one that we need to remember as often as we can. Sharply defined goals are what a true man needs, and there is no better tool than a pen to jot down those goals so that they are never forgotten.

A man without a pen, they say, is handicapped. Only a pen can help him write down his thoughts, ideas, opinions and, most importantly, his goals These goals will, then, shape his life and motives and character. But most importantly, it will help him to live longer through the words he writes and the goals that he actualised.

After all, a man who learns the secret to live forever will have learned what it is to be a true man. And if you want to know the secret, take a closer look at a razor and the answers will be clearer.


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Ashish Gorde said…
I don't believe this!!!

A spammer actually entered my blog and left a silly little note. And nooooooo... I am not interested in calling any number just because I am single. Why does everyone simple assume that we singles are alone and lonely or both?

I empathise!

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