In her own world

Last year, I was travelling from Hyderabad to Calcutta by train and the journey lasted nearly 32 hours. To cut a long story short, I survived. However, what I enjoyed the most about the trip was the opportunity to take so many photographs and to see for myself the rich diversity of India unfold right before my very eyes.

This particular photograph was taken early in the morning as the train halted at a station in Orissa state. It stopped for quite some time and I used the opportunity to buy some newspapers and biscuits and amble around. And then, suddenly, while I was still standing at the door of the train, I noticed this woman taking a walk and I was so taken in by the sight that I grabbed my camera and shot the scene.

I was so glad that the zoom lens came in very handy and was able to capture this moment in a stranger's life.


You have a knack of making mundane things so very interesting!

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