Reading in the Ruins

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This was a very accidental picture. I was taking a long walk in Delhi and trying to absorb the sights and sounds on my own, and hoping to capture good images on the way.

I stepped into the ruins of the Sher Shah Suri mosque, which is located right opposite the Old Fort. At one time the mosque was part of the Old Fort complex but a new highway has now separated the two.

For some strange reason, I was under the impression that the ruins of the mosque were the Fort itself. But the man guarding the place told me that the Fort was at the opposite side of the road. He, however, asked me to take a look around and gave me a brief history of the place.

While listening to him, I noticed these two people reading the Quran inside the mosque and the sight impressed me so much that I zoomed in and clicked. I wish I had gone a little closer but then, I would have, possibly, distracted them and lost the picture forever.

Some intense Photoshop work has gone into the picture and thanks to it, I am able to present it with a richer contrast and in black/ white.

Somehow I just love black and white pictures.


elizabeth said…
We went to a mosque when we went to Delhi... i don't know if this is the same mosque you posted.

I have good memories of my trip to the Golden triangle in India (delhi-agra-jaipur).. i liked the mosques...temples...and palaces... however, i liked the mosque and palace in Fatehpur sikri (hope i got that right) best... the palace is now bare...but when our guide talked about its history i could imagine how it was then... simply beautiful!

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