All good intentions

What does one do if one's good intentions are misunderstood and misinterpreted?

First option would be to tear one's hair and scream as loud as one possibly can but, upon serious reflection... there is really nothing you can do or should do. Good intentions are meant to be selfless acts of kindness and goodness. They are intended to demonstrate our capacity to think beyond ourselves and think of someone else... hence, if the action is misinterpreted, we must see it as an occupational hazard.

All through history, goodness has always received a raw deal. And the 21st century does not appear to be any different.

What does work in this day and age is goodness that's well packaged and offers instant gratification towards achieving 'peace of mind'. It's all superficial, of course, but sadly that's what works. No one goes for the long haul. The kind of goodness that demand selflessness, sacrifices, persecution, injury, disgrace, martyrdom are brushed under the carpet because they are not pleasing enough.

But yes, if martyrdom can be achieved during prime-time it will be seriously considered.

And in the meantime, we must continue doing the good we can outside the glare of publicity and if need be, continue to 'carry our cross daily', as Christ once said.


Pragya said…
Wasn't it said somewhere that the road to hell was paved with good intentions? :)

Enjoyed reading this recent addition to your blog!


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