Growing up, growing or getting mature... ?

It is strange what the end of the year does to some of us. Suddenly we see another year pass us by and we usher in another 12 months of, hopefully, momentous events that will shape and alter our lives. As children, a year was a milestone and a important component of a process that made us "big" and "grown-up". And as adults, we don't see the prospect of being "big" or "older" with much enthusiasm but see it as another glaring reminder of our own mortality and of goals not yet accomplished.

Every year, we grow up and get older but ... are we matured by this process?

Technically, we should be but there are so many factors that conspire against us. Bills to pay, families to rear, business plans to be met, purchases to be made, hunting for bargains to maintain the bottomline so on and so forth. But all these "things" only add up to actions that we are supposed to do anyway. There is no running away from these responsibilities because doing so would be the first sign of fundamental immaturity.

It is rather tricky but it is something we must do. We need to find time to pursue our passions and tap into our childhood fascination of becoming a 'grown-up' while still juggling our responsibilities. And how do we do that? No easy answers because each of us have to find our own unique path to get back to the wonderland of childhood hopes. But whatever path we choose, it is necessary that we undertake the journey because doing so will make the process of growing old not a burden but as an exciting adventure.


Pragya said…
Reads like something I have been wanting to write. Totally echo your thoughts.

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